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Independent Radio Production

Since 1983 Soundscape Productions have been creating programmes for BBC Radio and other broadcasters

Some Past Productions:

Archive on 4: Time Travel – The Politics of Time

BBC Radio 4 – 27th October 2012   20.02-21.00
  + BBC Radio 4 Extra 28th October 2012   01.02(BST)-0100(GMT)
In ‘Time Travel: The Politics of Time’, Professor Sean Street, travels back through a variety of archived sound recordings and radio programmes to explore the concept of time and man’s desire to control and manage this most confusing of dimensions.  Most of Britain will remember they get an extra hour in bed as the clocks go back - but will that mean it’s lighter or darker in the morning? It’s so confusing why do we even bother to change the clocks? Perhaps we should change our time-zone, join Central European Time and consign our own Greenwich Mean Time to the past?  Street’s journey into past recordings takes him backwards and forward across the many time zones of Russia, China’s single time zone, Venezuela’s deliberately political adoption of a half-hour time zone and to Samoa who recently travelled forward in time by losing a whole day.
A revised repeat of this programme transmitted by BBC Radio 4 Extra actually travelled back in time during the hour we lose as the clocks go back from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time.
Producer: Andy Cartwright

 Mysteries from the Past

BBC Radio 4 – 6th August 2012     11.02-11.30
The York Mystery Plays are the most complete cycle telling stories from the bible in 48 separate plays each one originally performed by one of the city’s medieval guilds. Staged on the back of waggons at various locations around the city the plays were performed on Corpus Christi Day from around 1390 until 1575 and took all day to perform.  Since 1951 the plays have been staged every three or four years until 2000 when the last full-scale production took place in York Minster.  In Mysteries from the Past the playwright John Godber takes to the medieval streets of York to look back at how these ‘modern-day’ performances relate to the original ideas behind the plays of communicating bible stories to the illiterate masses.  He examines the origin medieval manuscripts and hears recordings of the some of the modern productions that have taken place in the city since from 1951 to the present day. 
Producer: Andy Cartwright

Between the Ears: Saying Goodbye Again and Again

BBC Radio 3 – 30th June 2012      21.40-22.00
‘Quietly I leave, as quietly as I came here.’
Each year thousands of Chinese tourists visit Cambridge, not to see the usual sites, but to pay homage to a poem they all had to learn by heart in school - Xu Zhimo's 'Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again'.  A sonic journey along the River Cam captures the voices of teachers, students, tourists, punt chauffeurs, a tour guide, a translator, poets and experts on early 20th century Chinese writing becomes a meditation on the life of Xu Zhimo and an exploration into the hidden depths of a poem which helped break the strict rules of classical Chinese poetry. 
Producer: Andy Cartwright

The Exile Returned

BBC Radio 3 – 30th June 2012     12.15-13.00
On September 21st 1962 when Stravinsky got off the plane at Moscow airport he stepped onto Russian soil for the first time in over 45 years. During this time he had become the world's most famous composer and now at the age of 80 he returned, at the height of the Cold War, to a country cut off from the composer by revolution. What would he make of the old country and what would the old country make of him?  Bridget Kendall, the BBC’s diplomatic correspondent and former Moscow correspondent tells the story of the composer’s visit to Moscow and his home city of St Petersburg and the effect it had on Stravinsky, his party and the artists, composers and musicians living in the USSR to uncover the cultural significance of the event 50 years on.  Featuring archive recordings of the concerts Stravinsky conducted during the trip, interviews with Russian musicians who were in the audience and Robert Craft, the composer’s assistant, and musicologists Gerard McBurney, Stephen Walsh and Marina Frolova-Walker.
Producer: Andy Cartwright

The Kids on Hope Street

BBC Radio 5Live – 11th June 2011     19.10-20.00
What are the hopes, dreams and aspirations of young people around the UK – are we all in this together?   As local elections took place Radio 5live toured around the country visiting some of the hundred or so Hope Streets scattered around the UK - from Maidstone to Glasgow, from Liverpool to London, from Dewsbury to Consett, to canvas the opinions of those too young to vote - 'The Kids on Hope Street'?
Producer: Andy Cartwright

Nightingales and Roses

BBC World Service – 28th May 2010 
In the Southern city of Shiraz the tombs of the C13th poets Hafiz and Sa'di are visited by crowds of Persians who adorn the tombs with fresh roses and recite poetry by heart. The Iranians have a reverence for poetry that we in the West find astonishing and which is so at odds with the portrayal of Iranians as belligerent warmongers.   Vita Sackville West, who loved Persia and travelled through it, said that 'Hafez and Sa'di sang frequently, even wearisomely of love, nightingales and roses and the modern Iranian loses no opportunity to do the same”.  So why are Iranians so enamoured and familiar with their elegant, philosophical poetry of love and life written at the same time that Chaucer was writing bawdy tales about clerics and scoundrels and what does it say about the state of the Iranian soul?
Presenter: Amir Amirani     Producer: Caroline Beck

Home Recorded Voices
BBC Radio 4 – Saturday 20th December 2008   20.02-21.00

Sean Street delves into the world of domestic home recordings revealing a fascinating social history from wax cylinders to 'myspace'  Domestic and semi-professional tape machines have only been around for just over half a century and by the late1950s people with money or a passion for sound were beginning to purchase these machines and start to recording sounds in their own homes.  But now in the 21st Century tape has become old technology and boxes of tapes take up a lot of space!  These are recordings of unique moments in time and situations never before broadcast.  But who are these voices? The programme follows Sean, audio collector Richard Harrison and many ‘domestic’ tape recordists as they tell the story of Home Recorded Voices.
Producer: Andy Cartwright

Music from the Dark

BBC Radio 3 – Saturday 29th November 2008   12.15-13.00
Nigel Simeone, the professor of music at Sheffield University travels to Paris to tell the dramatic and sometimes intriguing story of classical musical activity during the German occupation years - les annees noires - from June 1940 to August 1944.  Moving round the modern city he rediscovers the places where concerts were held and meets some of the people who can help piece together the story of what happened to music in Paris in the occupation years. In spite of mass Jewish deportations and disappearances which left orchestras severely depleted, musical life went on apace made both by those who favoured collaboration and those who favoured secret resistance, sometimes the two tendencies working together under a tacit silence and all encouraged by a Nazi high command who were well disposed to French culture and determined to maintain a cultural Paris-as-usual.  But there were underground meetings and clandestine publications centred on resistance.
Producer: Dave Sheasby

Planning for Destruction – the D-Village

BBC Radio 4 – Monday 12th May 2008   11.00-11.30
On a windswept hillside in County Durham is a line of doorsteps embedded in the grass.  It’s all that remains of one of the hundreds of so-called D-Villages, settlements that once served the coal industry but which were deliberately demolished as that industry declined.

During the 1960’s and 70’s over one hundred villages in County Durham were categorised as D-Villages and destined for eradication.  But as plans leaked out there was considerable resistance in defence of the doomed villages.  Planning for Destruction will examine the tensions that grew up between policy makers and villagers who fought to keep the very villages that were written off.
Presenter/Producer: Caroline Beck

Drama on 3 ‘Scandinavian Dreams’ by Steve Chambers.

BBC Radio 3 - 21st October 2007   20.00-21.30
The story of the author of ‘The Rights of Women’ Mary Wollstonecraft’s epic Scandinavian quest in pursuit of a doomed love affair.
‘Scandinavian Dreams’ is the true story of an epic journey of discovery to Scandinavia against the backdrop of the French revolution. It’s also the story of a love affair which begins euphorically in Paris at a moment when the possibilities of happiness and justice in human affairs seem infinitely extendible and ends in despair a few months later when the same possibilities now appear infinitely remote.
Directed by Dave Sheasby Produced by Andy Cartwright

Final Curtain   NOW Available as a CD price £5
BBC Radio 4 – Thursday 3rd May 2007   11.30-12.00
As Bretton Hall College closes it’s doors to students for the last time – ‘Final Curtain’ looks back at the remarkable history of an institution in the heart of Yorkshire that produced some of the greatest acting, writing and musical talents of the past 60 years – Award-winning playwrights, John Godber and Kay Mellor; Oscar winner, Colin Welland; and comedian and writer Mark Thomas and Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith from ‘The League of Gentlemen’. What was it about this isolated community which made it a hot-bed of artistic creativity?
Producer: Andy Cartwright

The Lying Game
BBC Radio 4 – Saturday 25th November 2006   10.30-11.00
Believe it or not a 'Festival of Lying' takes place every year in Wasdale in the Lake District. A sheepskin gauntlet has been thrown down to Sue Perkins to see if she can beat the local liars and all-comers to become the first woman and stand-up to carry off the prestigious title of the ‘world’s biggest liar’. It's a live contest in front of a boisterous audience and contestants have to speak for five minutes on a local subject and they're judged by a panel of experts for their ability to 'pull the wool over the eyes' of the assembled crowd.  But, to paraphrase the famous song does Sue "know all there is to know about the Lying Game"? Can she cheat her way to the top? Will anyone believe she can do it? Obviously with such a star of Radio 4 taking part she's bound to walk off with the prize.
But we could be lying!
Producer: Andrew Carter/Andy Cartwright

Opened Ground
BBC Radio 4 – Sunday 17th December 2006   14.45-15.00

In an area known as 'The Great Limestone' in the northern Pennines is Harehope quarry which has been worked since the thirteenth century both for the quality of it's extraordinary limestone and it's beautiful fossil-filled marble.  It is indeed the hole in the ground from which the Romanesque masterpiece Durham Cathedral emerged as well as being a haunt of the twelve year old WH Auden who came to the area as a boy hunting for fossils and exploring the labyrinth of limestone caves. 
‘Opened Ground’ is a radiophonic celebration of an ancient seam of limestone as experienced by the people who have worked, loved, written about and absorbed the genius loci of this unique place that gave rise to one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.
Producer: Caroline Beck

The CIA and the Avant-Garde
BBC Radio 4 – Tuesday 26th September 2006   13.30-14.00
Tommy Pearson travels to Darmstadt in Germany to discover if the rumours are true that how one of the most radical avant-garde music festivals was covertly funded by the CIA.  In a single night the allies destroyed 80% of the Darmstadt – in 13 years Hitler destroyed the heart and soul of German music. Could an international music school help re-build the cultural life of a devastated Europe and stop the advance of the awesome might of Shostakovich?  And what if the composers were lefties and communists and only interested in writing the most inaccessible music imaginable?  
Producer: Andy Cartwright

The Life of the Secret Gardener
BBC Radio 4 – Thursday 6th April 2006   11.30-12.00
Children’s writer Anne Fine goes in search of the secret life of the author of ‘The Secret Garden’ – Frances Hodgson Burnett - An adventure which takes her to the USA and into the secret garden itself.
Producer: Caroline Beck

BBC Radio 4 – Monday 9th January 2006   20.30-21.00
A radio-poem which explores what happened on one particular minute in one particular day.  6pm – 6.01pm on 9th November 2005
Hundreds of infinitely diverse minutes turned into a 24 minute radio poem. 
Producer: Andy Cartwright

click here to read Sean Street’s introduction to the programme
click here to download a pdf guide to this unique ‘radio-poem’
click here to hear the programme as an mp3  

‘Then-Now’ was been awarded a Bronze World Medal at the New York Festival for Best Editing.  The editing of this intriguing ‘radio poem’, which was created entirely out of recordings made during a single minute of a single day, was a collaborative process between Producer Andy Cartwright and Warwick Pilmer at Clipstore Ltd in Leeds.   For more details about ‘Then-Now’ and a chance to listen to the award-winning programme click here.

Voices at the Door
BBC Radio 4 – Christmas Eve 2006  16.30-17.00
The story of the unwanted visitors who made Victorian Christmas hell! 
Presented by Georgina Boyes with Norma Waterson
Producer: Dave Sheasby

The Archive Hour: The British on Top of the World – BBC Radio 4

Voyages - this programme was nominated for the Feature Award at the Sony Radio Academy Awards 2006
In this programme spinal injury patients and outpatients at the James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough talk about their own voyages of discovery juxtaposed with extracts from the journals of Captain Cook and the poetry of Kevin Cadwallender.
The programme was originally transmitted on BBC Radio 4 on 15th August 2005

John Meade Falkner’s Bag of Paradoxes - BBC Radio 4

The Archive Hour: A Shoddy Business - BBC Radio 4

Turning the Tide – BBC Radio 4

Trimming Pablo – BBC Radio 3


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